general terms and conditions (gtc)

(1) “Advertising order” within the meaning of the following General Terms and conditions is the contract for the publication of one or more advertisements of an advertiser or other advertiser in a printed publication or digitally (e.g. as PDF and/or Flipbook) for the purpose of distribution. Such an order shall only become legally binding for the publisher upon written confirmation to the client. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising orders – including individual orders – on the basis of content, origin or technical form in accordance with the publisher’s uniform principles. Advertisements which, due to their format and presentation, give the reader the impression that they are part of the magazine or which contain third-party advertisements will not be accepted. The client shall be notified immediately of the rejection of an order.

(2) In case of doubt, advertisements must be called off for publication within one year of conclusion of the contract.

(3) No guarantee is given for the inclusion of advertisements in specific issues or in specific places in the print or digital edition, unless the client has expressly made the validity of the order dependent on this. Space agreements shall only be binding if the price stated in the advertising rate and expressly stated in the confirmation is accepted for this purpose. If the stated closing dates for advertisements are exceeded, special space agreements shall no longer be binding.

(4) Exclusion of competitors can only be agreed for two opposite pages. Exclusion of competitors cannot be guaranteed if a specific space has been promised and confirmed as binding for an advertisement.

(5) Advertisements which are not identifiable as advertisements due to their editorial design shall be clearly identified as such by the publisher with the word “Advertisement”.

(6) The customer shall be responsible for the timely delivery of the advertisement text and faultless print data. The publisher shall guarantee the usual print/ reproduction quality for the booked title within the scope of the possibilities given by the print data. Print data will be deleted at the request of the client.

(7) In the event of wholly or partially illegible, incorrect or incomplete printing of the advertisement, the client shall be given the right to a reduction in payment or a replacement advertisement, but only to the extent that the purpose of the advertisement has been affected. Further liability for the publisher is excluded. Complaints must be made within four weeks after receiving the invoice and voucher copy. The publisher accepts no liability for errors of any kind arising from telephone transmissions.

(8) Proofs shall only be supplied upon explicit request. The client shall be responsible for the correctness of the returned proofs. The Publisher shall take into account any corrections of errors that are communicated within the time limit set when the proof is sent.

(9) The invoice shall be paid within the period indicated in the price list, starting from the date of reception of the invoice, unless a shorter payment period or advance payment has been agreed in individual cases. Any discounts for early payment shall be granted upon agreement. In the event of late or postponed payment, interest on late payment as well as bank collection costs will be charged. In the event of late payment, the publisher may postpone further execution of the current order until payment has been made and demand advance payment for the remaining advertisements. In the event of reasonable doubt as to the solvency of the customer, the publisher shall be entitled, even during the term of an advertising contract, to make the publication of further advertisements conditional upon the advance payment of the amount and the payment of outstanding invoice amounts, irrespective of any originally agreed payment period.

(10) The publisher shall supply an voucher copy with the invoice on demand. Depending on the type and volume of the advertisement order, advertisement cuttings, voucher pages or complete voucher numbers will be supplied.

(11) If the order for special forms of advertising and preferential placements is cancelled from six weeks or less before the advertising deadline published in the media data, the publisher shall charge the customer / agency 50% of the agreed charge as cancellation costs. In the case of cancellations four weeks or more in advance, 100% of the agreed charge will be invoiced.

In the case of cancellations of advertisements after the advertising deadline specified in the media data, 100% of the agreed charge will be invoiced.

(12) Costs for the production of ordered print data as well as for significant changes to originally agreed designs requested by the client or for which the client is responsible shall be paid by the client.

(13) Extrajudicial settlement of disputes: We, fr financial-relations gmbh, do not participate in any dispute settlement proceedings in front of a consumer mediation board.

(14) Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction for both parties is Bad Homburg.

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